What makes a strategy a good strategy?

„A good strategy needs focus and choice – setting aside some goals in favor of others.“ (Richard Rumelt, Strategy-Expert)

Here a minimum checklist to see if a strategy meets the absolutely necessary requirements:

1) Diagnosis: Do we really know what challenges we face, how good our starting position truly is and what options we have? Only with a brutally honest analysis we will be able to break it down to its core and have a solid base for future decisions.

2) Guiding polices: Reality follows no plan, but you have to develop guidelines in advance – how to tackle emerging challenges, how to decide and how to prioritize – so that all actions in the end are meshing properly.

3) Coordinated set of coherent actions: Conflicting goals are poisonous for any strategy. That’s why the guiding policies must be implemented on all levels to channel and focus resources, energy and attention towards the execution of the strategy.

Our Focus

Senior-level, conflict-free advisory services to managers and company owners in the IT & Software industry. We combine a performance-oriented hands-on mentality with deep market insights and many years of successful strategy development & deal making.


Dr. Ingo Hattendorf, Founder & Managing Director, PhD in Physics

With a passion for tech companies and innovative solutions, I love to find the best strategy for my clients. By reflecting the current market forces, the individual company situation, the opportunities & risks ahead, we will forge together a strategic concept that fits and works.

I will bring many years of expertise in the ICT world to the table, gathered in countless projects and during several management positions in startups, mid-sized and publicly listed tech companies.

My areas of expertise: Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Carve Outs, Joint Ventures, Corporate Finance. Recent projects covered: Cloud, Software/SaaS, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, BPO, eCommerce and Cyber Security.

Fabienne Küpper, Research Analyst

Every successful strategy needs background knowledge about the market mechanisms and the nature of the upcoming challenges. With her profound skills in market research, business and competitive analysis, Fabienne delivers valuable information and insights to build up a successful strategy. Moreover, she is very talented in drafting appealing and convincing presentations, documentations and descriptions. 


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